Small Pontoon System

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Patent No. 10-1587243, 10-1603530
  • Design Registration No. 30-0837769
  • Multiparameter Water Quality Monitoring System-Water level 0.66 feet (20cm) above(A stream bed standard)
  • Easy to move and install - Rapid change of water velocity (Strong rainfall)
  • Operating about 10 of sunless days (Depending on installed measuring instrument)
  • Material - Corrosion resistance
  • Installing Water Flow Meter, Water Velocity
  • Data logging and transmission in a real-time ( Solar Power)
  • Keep leveling for stable data
  • Application : General, Optical, Water Flow & Velocity

Model Small Pontoon System
Weight In the air : about 198.42 lbs (Approx. 90 kg)
Dimensions 1,000(L)X1,000(W)X700(H)
Changeable depending on customer's application
Material Pontoon : STS or Aluminium
Control Box : STS or Synthetic resins
Buoyancy filler : Foam
A floating platform Catamaran Type
Minimum float depth Under 0.66 feet (20 cm)
Communication LTE, CDMA, Bluetooth
Power Supply Solar 40W 2EA, Storage Battery 60W 2EA